Welcome to RISE Pole Vault! Please fill out the registration below to officially become a member of RISE Athletic Club and start to reach your ultimate pole vaulting potential.

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Participant's Name
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Participant's Phone Number
ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE A CURRENT USATF or AAU NUMBER. Please provide the athlete's current USATF/AAU number in the space below. This number will need to be verified before the athlete can become a member of RISE Athletic Club. If you need a USATF or AAU membership, scroll down and click on the USATF or AAU logo and apply. The USATF membership is $20 and the AAU is $16. Both are annual memberships. When signing up, please affiliate with RISE Athletic Club #21-0732.
Athletes are required to jump on poles AT or ABOVE their body weight.
An "official" personal best is one that is jumped at a track meet over a crossbar.
Please select your membership package. If you choose the introductory package (first time members only), your $150 can be applied to any package you choose to commit to when your three sessions are up. IF YOU ARE THE SIBLING OF A MEMBER AND WISH TO SIGN UP FOR A MONTHLY OR ANNUAL PACKAGE SELECT THE OPTION BELOW LABELED "SIBLING DISCOUNTED RATE". There is no sibling discount for the "Introductory Package"
If you are an additional sibling, please select from the following.
Please indicate which session you would like to attend. This is not a guarantee that you will receive this session, as your placement will be contingent upon the number of athletes in each session.
Please provide the poles that the athlete currently uses. This list should include all the poles that they work through during a meet or practice.
Athletes will receive a black singlet (if they intend to compete for the club during the offseason) and a RISE Athletic Club T-shirt. We recommend that athletes also wear a matching black bottom if they are representing RISE in a competition. Opportunities to purchase more RISE Athletic Club gear will be available.
Primary Contact *
Primary Contact
The primary contact will be used in the case of emergencies and for general communication.
Primary Contact Phone Number *
Primary Contact Phone Number
Will the athlete have an inhaler or epipen on site? *
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By selecting "yes", I authorize Coach Jake Winder to communicate with my son or daughter via mobile device and email about RISE Athletic Club matters.
Cancellation and Refund Policy *
In the case of inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, every effort will be made by RISE Athletic Club to provide a reasonable and quality training session. Examples of these efforts may include, but are not limited to, changing training content, changing training days, changing training times, changing training facilities, changing USATF and AAU certified and background checked RISE Athletic Club coaches, etc. If every effort to provide a reasonable and quality training session has been exhausted, training sessions may have to be cancelled with no refund. Changes in the training schedule will be communicated TO THE ATHLETE as efficiently and timely as possible via mobile device and/or email. If a participant requires a refund for the inability to participate because of an injury or other unforeseen circumstances, a submission describing this circumstance will need to be submitted to RISE Athletic Club for approval. There will be no refunds for missed practices including but not limited too, an athlete's personal scheduling issues, conflicts with other sports, vacations, etc. Do you agree to these terms?
Waiver of Liability *
By clicking "yes" you acknowledge that you have fully read, agree, and have signed the RISE Athletic Club waiver of liability. Please print and sign the below waiver and bring to the first session you attend.

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We will accept the following forms of payment when your monthly tuition is due:

-Online payment via Paypal below. (Credit cards will be charged an extra 3% credit card processing fee.)

-Card payments in person. (Credit cards will be charged an extra 3% credit card processing fee.)

-Checks made out to Rise Athletic Club LLC.

*Checks can be given at the first session or mailed to 3700 Squires Mill Rd. Joliet, IL 60431


*Cash will be accepted in person.