The Rise Pole Vault membership is an all encompassing pole vaulting experience. We train out of the first and only indoor pole vault specific training center in norther Illinois. This is your opportunity to receive effective and structured training year round using the RISE Level System of instruction that has been developed for over 35 years and has helped 1000’s of pole vaulters reach their ultimate potential. Our membership package includes, but is not limited to, the following…

  • Pole vault instruction 2 times per week.

  • Pole vault specific strength and speed development 2 times per week (same days as vault days)

  • Guidance on off days if applicable.

  • Coaching in off season competitions.

    • Off season competitions are optional and will require nominal meet fees that will not be covered in the monthly tuition fees.

    • Coaches will not be able to commit to every off season meet an athlete wants to jump in but will be present at as many as possible.

  • Use of poles during practice, RISE off season meets, and option to “request to borrow” during your school’s season (for annual members only).

  • Advice navigating through the college recruitment process.

  • Rise Athletic Club T-shirt (does not apply to “introductory package”)

  • Rise Athletic Club competition singlet (if the athlete will be competing)

  • Access to virtual coaching platform (coming soon)

  • We are always adding membership benefits as opportunities arise.

When & Where

  • Currently we offer four different groups to train with.

    • Monday and Wednesday 4:30-6:30

    • Monday and Wednesday 6:30-8:30

    • Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-8:30

    • Tuesday and Thursday 6:30-8:30

  • The current RISE membership will provide offseason training support YEAR ROUND but you are free to come and go on a monthly basis.

  • RISE Athletic Club is located at 125 Capista Dr. in Shorewood, IL.



  • Introductory Package (new club members only): $150

    • This package is perfect for the athlete that would like to “try out” the club and see if it will work for them. If they decide that they would like to commit to either a monthly or annual package, they may apply the $150 to whichever they choose.

  • Monthly Package: $300 per month

    • This is a great package for the athlete that will only need access to club resources and coaching during certain times of the year. The package accommodates athletes that would like to train at RISE during the offseason and then return to training with their school during their school’s season. This package is a monthly commitment and can be suspended and resumed at any time free of charge. This package requires a one month minimum commitment.

    • We do offer a sibling discount for this package

      • First additional immediate family member: $200/month

      • Second additional immediate family member: $100/month

  • Annual package: $250 per month

    • This package is for the athlete that needs access to RISE Athletic Club resources and coaching year round. Some athletes do not have access to pole vaulting facilities and/or coaching during their school season and this package can provide consistent opportunities to continue to improve all year round. Even if an athlete has pole vaulting facilities and coaching at their school, the opportunity to access them can be difficult during the season and this option could benefit these athletes as well. An athlete that chooses this package MUST COMMUNICATE WITH THEIR COACH and coordinate times to come and practice at RISE two days out of the week and then attend their high school practices and competitions on the other days. Athletes that commit to an annual package have the option to compete in OFF-SEASON meets with RISE but will COMPETE FOR THEIR SCHOOL during their school season. This package also has the added bonus to “request to borrow” poles to bring to their school’s competitions. This package is an annual commitment that will be paid monthly. By selecting the annual package you would save the equivalent of one month’s tuition annually.

    • We do offer a sibling discount for this package

      • First additional immediate family member: $200/month

      • Second additional immediate family member: $100/month