It all started when…

I, RISE head coach and founder Jake Winder, started to make the connection that the success I had in the pole vault was mainly because of three things…access, quality of instruction, and hard work.

I was blessed with a father, Tim Winder, that had an incredible amount of knowledge, experience, and success in the pole vault world. The quality of instruction that I received was first class. Quite possibly the biggest benefit to my athletic career was having a father who had access. My access was granted due to the fact that he was the pole vaulting coach at North Central College. Having my dad, and an understanding and generous institution behind him like North Central College, provided my brothers and I with access that was unmatched in the Chicagoland area as far as pole vaulting goes. This access included everything that was needed to create a successful pole vaulter: facilities, poles, and of course a quality education in technique and training for a sport that is niche and does not lend itself to consistent practice opportunities. If I could point to one thing that pushed me to a level that was above my peers, this would be my biggest advantage.

Access was the first part of the equation, but my career would have fallen short without quality instruction. I had a coach/father with a system of coaching that had been refined over decades and proven to work. All I had to do was listen, and I knew that he could get me to where I wanted to go.

The sport of pole vaulting is relentless and unforgiving. Without a solid work ethic and mental/physical resilience most athletes will crumble or not reach their ultimate potential. Hard work is the final piece to this pole vaulting puzzle.

RISE Athletic Club aims to provide these opportunities to future generations of pole vaulters. We want to provide YOU with the same access and quality instruction that helped us become the best we could be! A Rise Pole Vault membership includes access and guidance to everything you will need to reach your ultimate potential in the pole vault. System based technical instruction, vault specific strength training, vault specific speed training, and competitive opportunities are just a few of the many benefits included in a RISE Pole Vault membership. We LIMIT our numbers to provide coach to athlete ratios that favor quality workouts and experiences. No more getting lost in the mix. Now, the Chicagoland area has a premier, all encompassing program, for pole vaulters to reach their ultimate potential, and the HARD WORK part will be up to YOU!! Learn more about the many things that are included in a RISE Pole Vault membership by clicking the button below. It’s time to RISE to the next level in your vaulting!! Questions? Visit our FAQ page.