+ Can I join the club just for the offseason?

YES! This is the whole reason that we have created the club! Our goal is to provide access and opportunity for athletes to pole vault year round in order to become the best they can be. Some athletes will join for 2 months or some for 12 months, each athlete will have different needs and we want to accomodate as many athletes as possible. You are more than welcome to come and go on a monthly basis. Champions are made in the offseason!

+ Can I be a part of the club during my high school season?

Of course! This is a great option for athletes that do not have pole vaulting facilities at their high school or have no coach. An athlete can legally come and train with the club DURING the IHSA season and compete for thier high school. A perfect situation for an athlete with no coach or facilities would be to practice with RISE two days a week and practice with their high school for the other days. It is strongly reccomended that you communicate with your high school coach and make sure that this plan is ok with them before signing up.

+ Can RISE coaches coach me at meets?

There is some red tape to go around for this question. If you are competing for RISE in an offseason meet (June- Mid January), you can compete and be coached by RISE coaches. If you are competing for your high school, but training with RISE during you school's season, unfortunatly RISE coaches can't coach you at a track meet.

+ Can I just come for one session?

Currently we only offer monthly membership packages.

+ Do you have poles? Should I bring my own?

We have poles for athletes to use, but can't guarantee we have the exact size to meet everyone's needs. We are always purchasing new poles to fill gaps in our pole series, but reccommend that athletes bring their poles from their high schools if possible. An added benefit to bringing your own poles is the ability to practice on the poles you will use during your high school season. This makes the transition to your high school season much easier if you know how those poles work for you.

+ What if my child gets injured or can’t do the club any more?

Injuries happen, and unexpected issues arise. If there is a situation that calls for your child to be removed from the club, you will submit a prorated refund proposal for approval.

+ What does the monthly tuition cover?

The monthly tuition will cover the facility rental, equipment use, coaching, a RISE Athletic Club T-shirt, and a RISE Athletic Club singlet (if competing for RISE in the offseason). Athletes will also be required to be a USATF member ($20 per year) or an AAU member ($16 per year). These fees are not covered in the monthly tuition and will be the responsibility of the athlete or guardian to register and pay for on their own. If the athlete decides that they would like to represent RISE in a competition, the competition fees and any other associated costs (travel, food, lodging, etc.) will be the responsibility of the athlete or guardian.

+ How do the athletes get to and from practice?

There will be no transportation provided to practices or meets. Athletes are responsible for getting to and from practice on their own.

+ Why do I have to be a USATF or AAU member?

The USATF and AAU provide insurance coverage for our club. These organizations also provide competitive opportunities that require membership in order to participate. The $20 (USATF) and $12 (AAU) membership fees also helps support track and field in the US.